Be. Center for Holistic Mental Health and Healing

Be. Holistic

BeMind. BeBody. BeSpirit.

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”

– Carl Rogers

Psychological Services

Be. offers traditional psychological services for children, adolescents, and young adults. Be. follows a Person first, Patient second philosophy. We address Health and Healing versus Symptoms and Sickness. Be. sees the whole you. Our goal is to work collaboratively to identify root cause and build an individualized treatment plan that allows for identification of areas of growth. Personal empowerment and harnessing of strengths will bolster holistic health and healing. We will ensure that any services recommended are appropriate and tailored to your unique concerns and needs.

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Complementary/Alternative Services

Be. offers complementary and alternative services for children, adolescents, and adults to enhance and reinforce traditional approaches to mental health. Pairing complementary and alternative approaches with traditional mental health interventions allows for holistic integrative care that addresses imbalances in mind, body, and spirit. Integrative approaches have demonstrated the ability to lessens stress levels, provide natural healing alternatives, and reduce or eliminate side effects that many times accompany conventional medical approaches.

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Yoga Studio

Be. Yoga Studio holds 15 – 20 individuals and is ideal for individual and group yoga sessions. Be. Yoga Studio provides access to aerial hammocks, infrared heating to safely detoxify and restore from within, and supplies yoga amenities that will deepen your practice and internal connection. It is a warm and secure space that allows for personal acceptance, growth, and transformation.

Individual or group yoga sessions can be requested and constructed to address specific client needs. The space is versatile and can be used for gatherings or events. Inquire about max capacity and amenities offered for non-yoga specific gatherings or events.

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About Us

A center that uses a strengths-focused, holistic approach to help your soul Be.


Be. believes in creating a safe and secure relationship with you to better help you build, restore, or redefine a relationship with yourself.

Be. believes that a safe and inviting environment is a powerful component of the change and healing process.

Be. believes in a collaborative approach that aims to empower and equip each client to find healing from within.

Be. believes that through vulnerabilities strengths are built.

Be. believes that your true self is waiting to be exposed so your whole self can be actualized.

Be. believes that ‘what you are to BE you are now BEcoming’.

– Carl Rogers

Welcome to not only our center, but also your center. Be. // A Center for Holistic Mental Health and Healing, LLC is a place of healing and restoration, a place of understanding and hope, a place to grow. Be. Is located in a restored character home built in 1915. The center has a natural healing energy that cultivates a safe and inviting atmosphere.

The word Be is something to be cultivated, embodied, and practiced. At Be. we want to encourage you to find, name, and become your Be. It is our goal to form a connection with you that facilitates the unity of mind, body, spirit to inspire growth, inner calm, and renewal.

Whatever your reason for searching out Be. let me assure you it was not by mistake. Your journey has led you here and now is the time to take a moment to ask yourself, “Why?” Was it to quell curiosity or do you feel that an important piece to your personal care puzzle is missing. Whatever the reason our diversely trained set of practitioners is here to help.

Be. Holistic Center houses a group of like-minded practitioners working collaboratively to ensure that holistic care is achieved. Be. brings together vast approaches to mental health. Offering traditional psychological services along with adjunct complementary and alternative treatment options in a unified environment. We treat the whole, considering all experiences and contexts that have brought you to our center. Treatment will emphasize a strengths-focus rather than a deficits model, identifying root issues while bolstering, promoting, and enhancing areas of strength. This holistic health and healing center BElieves that each client has a unique story to tell and the power within them to heal. If you feel Be. could come alongside you in some important way in this season of your journey please contact us.