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Be.’s yoga studio is aptly named Be. You, as the lead instructor Carey Sorenson believes that yoga provides a context and space for individuals to truly discover themselves, in many ways for the first time. When we meet and acknowledge ourselves on the mat transformation can happen. Yoga can be used to help the body unwind and unlock stagnant energy, rebalance and restore mind, body, and spirit incongruences, and help you experience deep relaxation and connection. Movement is an important aspect of wellbeing as it is our body’s way of processing experience. Be.’s yoga classes are designed to provide restorative and healing asanas, instructors that guide your personal journey by allowing the pose to be the teacher, and a strong focus on breathwork and mindfulness. Be. encourages each individual to move at their own pace and find their own rhythm. Mind, body, spirit are fully integrated in this thoughtful approach to yoga allowing for your authentic BEing to emerge.

 Be.You Yoga Studio Offerings


Be. offers Regular Offerings and Specialty Offerings | You must PREREGISTER for all offerings.

Regular Offerings | Classes that will be held weekly on specific time and day.

Specialty Class Offerings | Classes that will not be held weekly on specific time and day, but rather will be offered as ‘Specialty Offering’ scheduled occasionally throughout the year. You must PREREGISTER for all classes. Registration for specialty offerings closes 48 hours prior to offering.

For updates on Specialty Class Offerings please check the Yoga Studio Updates Page and Be.’s Facebook Page. Specialty Offering Class Prices Vary.

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Regular Offerings

You must PREREGISTER for all classes.

Ignite and Restore | Yin Yang Yoga

Ignite and Restore | Yin Yang Yoga

Ignite and Restore is a "Yin | Yan" yoga class which blends two styles of yoga into one BEautiful practice. It is designed to combine the passive, restorative stretches of yoga which increase flexibility and mindfulness ("Yin") with a dynamic vinyasa flow that will ignite your inner power and build muscle strength and stamina (Yan). This well-rounded "Yin | Yan" class will leave your body, mind, and spirit feeling balanced, connected and more equipped for life off of your mat. Guided by || Shelly Anderson | Day and Time TBD

Be. Present | Hatha Yoga

Be. Present | Hatha Yoga

A gentle hatha style yoga practice that focuses on self inquiry and intuitive movement. Offerings include breathwork, meditation, finding one's 'edge,' recognizing, acknowledging, and spending time with it, pose holds, and establishing your own rhythm. Guided by || Erica Rae Van Handel | Biweekly on Tuesdays | 6:45 - 7:45PM

Be Empowered Vinyasa YogaBe. Empowered | Vinyasa Yoga

Be. Empowered | Vinyasa Yoga

Focused on flowing feminine movements, inspired by belly dance and yoga postures that ignite the inner fire with isolated and flowing movements combined with mindful yogic breath. In this dynamic class you will find yourself flowing and dancing through postures as equally as you find yourself grounding down to deepen postures with the aid of props for release and recovery. The ancient wisdom teachings of yoga and the sacred feminine compliment the process of inner recognition, transformation, truly cultivating a space for you to Be. Empowered. Guided by || Erica Rae Van Handel | Biweekly on Tuesdays | 5:30 - 6:30PM

Be. Balanced | Yin / Yang Yoga

Be. Balanced | Yin / Yang Yoga

Be. Balanced is a “Yin/Yang” yoga class that combines the masculine and feminine intensities of yoga into one complete practice. It is designed to combine the passive restorative stretches of 'yin yoga,' increasing flexibility and mindfulness, with the dynamic yang vinyasa that will ignite your inner power and build muscle, strength, and stamina. The combination will invite you to Be. Balanced. Guided by || Erica Rae Van Handel | Biweekly on Tuesdays | 5:30 - 6:30PM

Be. Rooted | Rebalancing Yoga

Be. Rooted | Rebalancing Yoga

Focused on bringing balance and equilibrium to your life. Flexibility and balance are elements that our mind controls and dictates. Balance poses and long asana holds will challenge you to let go of expectations and accept the present moment. Ending in a 10 minute guided savasana to allow you to soak up your bliss, while cultivating a sense of home inside yourself. Be Rooted encourages you to deeply root in to the Earth and expand your heart and limbs to the Heavens! Guided by || Erica Rae Van Handel | Biweekly Tuesdays | 6:45 - 7:45PM

Be Light Hammock Aerial YogaBe. Light | Hammock Yoga

Be. Light | Hammock Yoga

Focused on using aerial hammocks to facilitate stabilization, increase accessibility of poses, encourage deeper, more controlled stretching, and encourage grounding and movement through space by making bodies light, secure, and comfortable. The mixture of traditional floor and aerial yoga poses will encourage a balanced and supported practice. Essential oils, breathwork, guided meditation, and affirmations will be used to compliment the process. Minimum of four, Maximum of six individuals. Guided by || Erica Rae Van Handel | Biweekly on Sundays | 1 - 2PM

Be. Integrated | Aerial, Sound, Oils, and Reiki

Be. Integrated | Aerial, Sound, Oils, and Reiki

Focused on using aerial hammocks and thoughtful poses to facilitate a grounding and supported experience. Along with hammock support Reiki, Oils, and Sound will accompany the process to deepen your poses, encourage calming, and bring awareness to your senses. Guided by || Erica Rae Van Handel Last Sunday of every month BEGINS September 29th | 1-2:30PM

Glow and Flow | Yoga, Paint, & Reiki Experience

Glow and Flow | Yoga, Paint, & Reiki Experience

Glow and Flow is a relaxing, empowering, and fun way to spend the evening with family and friends! Reiki practitioner and 200hr RYT Erica Rae Van Handel of Chrysalis Yoga and Fitness brings her healing skills to you in the form of art. Brush to skin, the element of touch is healing on many levels. Each participant receives 5-10 minutes of one-on-one time as Erica intuitively interprets their individual energy flow and creates art upon the body canvas to encourage balanced chakras, invigorate your personal power, and establish a deep root connection. Enjoy some music and aromatherapy while you relax or enjoy the company. Guided by || Erica Rae Van Handel Every 2nd Friday and 4th Saturday | 7-9:30PM

Specialty Offerings

You must PREREGISTER for all classes. Registration for specialty offerings closes 48 hours prior to offering. Specialty offerings are only offered periodically throughout the year.

Integrate and Enlighten

Integrate and Enlighten

Focused on bringing together unity of mind, body, and spirit. Integration yoga focuses on poses, breathwork, and chakras, affirmations, and/or meditations that facilitate a deeper connection and unification of you as a whole. Guided by || Carey Sorenson | Please stay posted for dates and time as this class is a 'special offering'

46 : 10

46 : 10

Focused on bringing scripture to life, allowing space for the emergence of deep spiritual connection and integration through the union of biblical scripture and movement. Class 46:10 is derived from Psalms 46:10 'Be still and know that I am God.' Slowing our bodies down and seeking stillness through thoughtful poses, breath, and meditation on a focused scripture will allow for you to focus on your spiritual being and draw nearer to the Lord through cultivation of mind, body, spirit connection. Guided by || Carey Sorenson | Please stay posted for dates and time as this class is a 'special offering'

Be. Transformed

Be. Transformed

Focused on fully expressed and sustained movements and breath sequences. Postures are held with the aid of props for deep release and the development of strength and stability. This class emphasizes breathwork to create internal heat, strength, and stability and the ancient wisdom teachings of yoga compliment the process of inner recognition and transformation.

Release and Rebuild

Release and Rebuild

Focused on unlocking, unblocking, and ridding the body of stagnant energy. In this 45-minute restorative yoga class, the body is freed to completely release tension and holding with the support of bolsters in each posture, leaving behind whatever is needed, letting go of whatever is not, and making space for new. The sequence is complemented by guided meditation and deep diaphragmatic breathing inviting the mind to soften and open to a more spacious awareness.

Be. Moved | Teen Yoga

Be. Moved | Teen Yoga

Focused on helping your adolescent slow down and disconnect from a fast-paced culture. Adolescent yoga uses asanas, breathwork, affirmations and meditation to promote a deeper connection with oneself. Essential oils and journaling occasionally complement this process. Offerings provide your teen with a calm and safe environment to help them relax and restore through movement.

Be. YOUga Kids YogaBe. YOUga | Kids Yoga

Be. YOUga | Kids Yoga

Be. YOUga is focused on being playful and fun to help your child discover and embody their BE. and YOU. Child focused yoga uses poses and breathwork in a manner that will engage your child in their natural communication pattern – PLAY! Your child will come alive through poses that tap into mind, body, and spirit integration – areas that need extra attention and care. Offerings provide your child with a calm and safe environment to help them explore, restore, imagine, and Be. through movement.

Be. Related Family YogaBe. Enriched | Story Time Yoga

Be. Enriched | Story Time Yoga

This offering is intended to enrich children’s lives with story time, connection, breathwork, and yoga. Each offering will guide participant's through a fluid process of movement and breathwork that relate to a children’s book. Ages 3 - 6 with parent/adult participation. MONTHLY OFFERING

Yoga class prices

Be.’s studio requires preregistration to attend all offerings style studio. We ask that you reserve your spot in advance as space is limited to 10 – 15 individuals | number set based on class style. We do not offer ‘drop in’ style classes to ensure that each offering is tailored to the number of individuals enrolled. Knowing how many participants will be present allows our guides to prepare and provide the most thoughtful offering possible. All yoga class attendance limits are carefully set to ensure that each individual receives ample support and attention during the session.

Single class sessions and packages can be reserved and purchased through the 2 links below.

single class and SCHEDULE ONLINE


Please fill out the Yoga Release Form for BE., and if possible email it to, subject | Yoga Waiver, prior to your class. This will ensure that classes can begin promptly at the scheduled time. 

Regular Class Offerings | Child and Adolescent 
single | 8
5 class package | 35
10 class package | 60

Regular Class Offerings | Adult 
single | 10
5 class package | 45
10 class package | 80

Be. Light Hammock Yoga |

single | 15
5 class package | 70
10 class package | 130

Specialty Class Offerings | Prices vary

Private Individual Session Rates
30 minute | 30
45 minute | 45
60 minute | 60

Private Group Rates (max 15)

If you would like to plan a yoga class tailored to the specific needs of the group please contact Be. to discuss options, i.e., multiple offerings, offering exceeding 75 minutes. Classes can be held at Be.’s yoga studio or in a space of your choice (> 15 miles travel cost may be additional).

45 minute | 100
60 minute | 125
75 minute | 150

Private Aerial Yoga Group Rates (max 6)

45 minute | 125
60 minute | 150
75 minute | 175

From the moment I walked into BE. I felt immediate peace. My family and I had just suffered a devastating loss and were in need of something to help us through it. Carey and Erika guided us through a healing yoga session that soothed our minds and bodies. BE. provided a safe place for us to grieve and also to come together as a family. Carey and her team were beyond helpful, compassionate, and truly healing. The Fox Valley is lucky to have a place so incredibly special.


After the traumatic event our family went through, the yoga/healing experience at Be. was so special. The movements coinciding with Carey and Erika’s teachings/guidance taught me that getting through difficulties/discomfort in yoga-will translate into skills in the real world-like dealing with the grief and loss I was going through. The physical environment of BE. was a non-threatening and safe place-the physical structure gave off very warm energy. The natural light shining on me during the practice was amazing-and gave me warmth and peace (even in cold January!!). Also, the use of essential oils triggered various emotions, allowing me time to accept what I was feeling at the moment, and sit with it in a safe space with Carey, Erika, and my family present for support.