Michelle Vandeyacht

Licensed Massage Therapist, Licensed Aesthetician

Body Philosophy (formerly Komorebi & Co.)

I entered into the field of bodywork in 2009 as a career change, the catalyst for which was the unexpected passing of my mother.  During this extremely dark period of my life, massage quickly became my safe harbor – the only peace, the only hour of respite I could get from the unfathomable permanence of the loss I was experiencing. This safe space was a lifeline out of my pit a grief, if only for one hour.

During this time, I had an epiphany. What if my mom’s death could lead to positive change for me? What did that look like?  What if I could offer others the physical and emotional support the power of touch via massage therapy had given to me during this time of anguish? It sounded like a really great day at the office. I immediately registered for massage school, attending during the day while I worked the night shift at my regular job. I felt my spirit lifting,  softening slowly, as I gave myself permission to make this change. What appeared as an unconventional shift in career choice to outsiders made sense to me. I was still able to provide peace and service to others in my community, but I could do it on my terms. I could be the truest version of myself.

I consciously use my cumulative life experiences to treat each client with presence and purpose, hoping to make even a small dent in their physical or emotional stress. Using my skill and passion is one of the ways my mom’s death no longer feels in vain.

The evolution of my practice into Body Philosophy and its synergistic partnership with Be. was born from my desire to continue to be an approachable and relatable leader in the self-care and wellness industry in an elevated, holistic, professional environment. My personal philosophy is that everyone deserves access to serenity and health in a judgement-free environment, period.

I can do this best by curating a physical and energetic space in which to provide massage therapy and aesthetic services that is person-centered, inclusive, and oozing authenticity.

The honest truth is that I can give the best care to others only when I truly love myself, including love for the vessel I have been given to inhabit for this lifetime. So Body Philosophy is also a nod to my own journey in learning to love a physical body that society has labeled “imperfect” for as long as I can remember. Self-love and self-care is the hardest work I have ever done, right up there with being a mom. It is a messy and fallible expedition.

I have made the conscious choice to stop mourning the things that I am not and re-channel that energy into gratitude and love for what I am. I hope this personal revolution can help plant the seeds of body positivity in others.

Got a body? Then you are worthy and deserving of self-care and wellness! Your body is welcome here.

My Body Philosophy Is

Everyone deserves access to serenity and health in a judgment-free environment. Period.

Bodywork should be welcoming and inclusive: to people of all body types, all abilities, all gender identities, all skin colors, all sexual orientations, all beliefs, and all backgrounds.

And yet, so often it seems that anxiety and fear keeping people from giving themselves the care they deserve.

It’s my mission to change that.

If you’ve ever felt this way: you’re not alone. And it doesn’t have to be that way.

Got a body? Then you’re deserving of holistic, compassionate, individualized bodywork, and I’d like to invite into the Body Philosophy family.


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