Katie Jackson, N.T.C

Nutritional Therapy Consultant | Certified Personal Trainer

My Story

From early on I have had a passion for healthy living but it wasn’t until we experienced a major health concern with our daughter that truly ignited my passion to new levels.  Although she still faces challenges today, I have learned so much about the incredible power the body has for self-healing when provided a proper nutritional foundation.

We all know that eating healthy is important but with so much conflicting information on which foods are “healthy”, it can be overwhelming.

Based on your BIO-Individuality, I will help you to determine which foods to eat or avoid, improve your digestion, sleep, energy, nutritional imbalances, and help you to feel the best you can! I am passionate about using nutrient dense food as our medicine.

Schedule and Contact Information

Be. Availability and Schedule is by Appointment, please contact Katie.