Erica Rae Van Handel

RYT - 200 | Reiki Level II Practitioner

Erica is an Artist with an affinity for the Chakras and personal transformation. For Erica yoga is a way of life, her Vocation. Erica’s yoga practice created the space for her awareness to open as she witnessed her own personal transformation, which enabled her years of study to become one with her BEing. She uses mindful instruction to bring you to the present with each breath and movement, providing gentle assistance to encourage and empower each client to find their personal edge. It is Erica’s intention that your practice will leave you feeling inspired and empowered!


Regular Scheduled Offerings | 

Be. Light | Hammock Yoga

Glow and Flow | Yoga, Paint, and Reiki Experience

Be. Empowered | Vinyasa Yoga

Be. Balanced | Yin/Yang Yoga

Be. Rooted | Rebalancing Yoga

Be. Present | Hatha Yoga

Be. Integrated | Aerial, Sound, Oils, and Reiki



Specialty Offerings |

Be. Loved Yoga 

The Be. Loved Yoga is a specialty offering designed to help you cultivate and deepen your understanding of self as a dynamic being and will provide you with guidance to enhance your ability to live a holistic guided lifestyle through yoga.

Be. Open Hearted | Cacao Ceremony and Movement


We will gather in the circle and set an intention and then as a group enjoy your choice of either ceremonial grade cocoa. Movement will ensue as the cacao begins to work with you. We will breath and move the energy through our bodies finding safe space to release limiting emotions, beliefs, and even bodily discomfort. Creating a space for your best self to emerge. Every experience is unique may your find your heart open and your spirit grounded as your explore the depths of self.