Erica Dawn Page

Specialized Energy Kinesiologist and Personal Development Energy Coach

Hello, I’m Erica, a Personal Development Energy Coach and Specialized Energy Kinesiologist, for highly motivated individuals like you, who feel disconnected from their personal energy and how it integrates in all aspects of their life. My diverse background in health, energy medicine, and psychology sets me apart as a coach and provides a solid foundation in my work.

Every area of your life is interconnected and can be effectively changed and improved through finding core blocks and imbalances that are present as a result of genetics, life experience, unique personality and soul traits, and environmental factors. I work with my clients through the world of Energy bridging science and spirituality, allowing you to fully grasp and harness vibrational energy– the energy of alignment and creation.

My clients come to me with various physical health, emotional health, and relationship issues. You and I will work together to create an aligned well-being, meaning bringing all parts of your life into harmony so you can move forward to your greatest potential. When you begin to work on one area of your life, all areas shift and heal, thus allowing you to create a personal energy signature in the world that feels authentic and empowered.

Using both a western and eastern approach to the body systems and functions, this approach can offer a more complete understanding to how your body’s energy systems, biochemistry, and electromagnetics work together. Based in Energy Medicine, Specialized Kinesiology offers balance to the energy systems thus allowing the body’s own innate process to reestablish a state of balance and bring healing and support to the individual.

Each session will offer specific tools and resources, based on the biofeedback from the client’s body and energy systems, that the client can then use to integrate the work from their session to get the full benefits of energy medicine healing. Working with clients around the globe on health, business, finances, interpersonal relationships, spirituality, and family, my goal is to help others optimize their lives and make dreams into reality.

Schedule and Contact Information 

Gatherings | Erica collaborates with Be. practitioners and individually facilitates events, workshops, classes, and trainings. Please reference Be. Gatherings for details on upcoming offerings.

Individual Sessions by Appointment Only | Erica is available for individual sessions by appointment only and may require travel to her home office in Madison.