Be. // Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Be. Informed

Our first visit is dedicated to establishing rapport, filling out and reviewing relevant forms, discussing your concerns, and exploring your strengths, as we come up with a plan to best meet your needs.


Be. // Center for Holistic Mental Health and Healing, LLC Hours
Be. center hours vary based on practitioner scheduling.

Be. // Child Adolescent Mental Health and Healing, LLC Hours

General availability | Monday and Tuesday by appointment | 830AM to 4PM | please inquire about additional availability.

Wednesday administration and Be. practitioner collaboration hours.


Accepted Insurance Companies

If you will be billing insurance, call the customer service number listed on your insurance card, they can inform you of what your outpatient mental health benefits are (including any out-of-pocket expenses you may incur), confirm that Be. // Child and Adolescent Mental Health LLC, or Carey Sorenson, PhD, is in-network with your plan, and advise Be. as to whether or not a pre-certification is required before beginning services.

  • Aetna
  • Humana/ChoiceCare
  • Anthem BlueCross/BlueShield
  • Optum
  • United Healthcare/United Behavioral Health
  • Medicaid/Medicare
  • Network Health
  • Out of network