Specialized Energy Kinesiologist

Personal Development Energy Coach

Specialized Energy Kinesiology is a biofeedback system that uses muscle monitoring to discover stressed or imbalanced pathways in the body, mind, soul and energy systems.  Through tracing specific pathways of stress, Specialized Kinesiology can uncover the root cause to many of the physical and emotional issues you face.  Using both a western and eastern approach to the body systems and functions, this approach can offer a more complete understanding to how your body’s energy systems, biochemistry, and electromagnetics work together.  Based in Energy Medicine, Specialized Kinesiology offers balance to the energy systems thus allowing the bodys own innate process to reestablish a state of balance and bring healing and support to the individual.
Each session will offer specific tools and resources, based on the biofeedback from the client’s body and energy systems, that the client can then use to integrate the work from their session to get the full benefits of energy medicine healing.