Nutritional Therapy

Be. Nourished

Nutritional Therapy recognizes that there is not a “one size fits all” diet and focuses on the unique needs of each client to provide a finely tuned nutritional protocol.

Within each of us lies an innate intelligence.  We all possess different nutrient deficiencies, toxic burdens, stress levels, eating habits, health histories, and physiological functions (i.e. organ damage or removal such as a missing gallbladder, appendix, reproductive organs, etc.).  Therefore, each person needs a customized nutrition plan that will yield results and are sustainable.

  • Nutritional Therapist views a client as a complete organism – investigating the underlying root causes of health issues, focusing on “systems” instead of “symptoms”.
  • Nutritional Therapist focuses on replenishment to aid the body’s innate intelligence in healing itself.  This is preventative medicine.
  • Nutritional Therapist knows there are other important factors for health outside the scope of nutritional therapy such as electromagnetic/energetic interferences, emotional issues and structural defects.
  • Nutritional Therapist aims to replenish specific amounts of nutrients to promote balanced health in each and every individual (bio-individuality).