Children's Massage

Be. Uplifted

Introducing Body Philosophy’s first offering geared towards our youngest patrons…..

Be. Uplifted | Children’s Massage

This service, designed for small bodies, combines the use of massage therapy, garshana (a dry brushing technique with roots in Ayurveda), and the power of aromatherapy to provide a safe space for recipients to experience positive physical touch and body-autonomy; where complete decision-making power over the design of this bodywork experience belongs to the child.

Informed lovingly by practitioners at Be., specializing in the fields of yoga and movement, trauma-informed and sensitive psychotherapy, holistic occupational therapy, and synergistic massage and bodywork.

This offering provides numerous benefits to the recipient | 

●  Stimulate the lymphatic system

●  Enhance circulation

●  Remove ama (toxins or “sludge” that accumulates in the body when foods do not

completely digest)

●  Provide serenity and peace

●  Loosen sore and stressed muscles

●  Encourage sensory integration

●  Improve sleep quality

●  Promote self-esteem and self-love

●  Dispel nervous energy and calm the system

A first visit will include extended time in the studio | 

●  Getting to know the practitioner,

●  Discussion about the goals for the service with the child and parents/caregivers,

●  A thorough explanation of what the child can expect during a bodywork service,

●  Light decorating/personalization of the child’s dry brush,

●  Selection of appropriate aromatherapy,

●  A collection of pertinent health history information,

●  Demonstration and discussion about professional draping and the importance of feeling

safe and in control while receiving physical touch.

The child will then experience a 30 minute massage therapy and garshana treatment. The first session also includes a complementary dry brush and at-home instructions for use between treatments. Subsequent treatments can be booked for 30 minutes each. Longer services are also available!

First session 60 minutes $75

Subsequent sessions 30 minutes $40


Meet your provider | MICHELLE VANDEYACHT


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