Be. Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Groups

Group therapy is a powerful adjunct to mental health treatment. It can be done alone or in conjunction with individual therapy. Groups provide children and adolescents with a healthy context to work through current concerns through positive peer interactions, building relationships, and developing prosocial skills. Groups help youth develop a sense of belonging and cohesiveness through peer connections, feedback, and support.

Be. groups will be offered in a closed format, meaning that to establish trust and safety among members once the group commences it will be run for 6 – 8 consecutive sessions maintaining the same members. Groups will be offered once an appropriate number of members are obtained.

Please contact Carey Sorenson, Be. // Child and Adolescent Mental Health, LLC to determine if your child or adolescent may benefit from one of Be.’s groups.

Be. Child and Adolescent Therapeutic Groups

Be. Playful

A group designed for children ages 5 – 8 that provides a context for children to communicate in their preferred language, PLAY! Children have a natural ability to express feelings, form thought, and resolve conflict through spontaneous play or structured play activities such as role-playing, drawing, or board games. (max 6)

Be. Resilient

A group designed for children ages 9 – 12 that focuses on identifying and enhancing areas of strength. Each child is resilient in their own unique way. This group will illuminate resilient experiences and demonstrate additional strategies to cope with struggles and empower each participant to use those strengths and new skills to enhance areas of growth. (max 8)

Be. Self-Aware

A group designed for adolescent teens that focuses on helping them develop insight into, cope with, and process teen development, mental health concerns, and experiential and relational struggles in a supportive environment. Self-awareness work can help participants build accurate appraisal skills, insight into abilities, and implications of behavior. (max 8)

Be. Moved

A yoga group designed to help youth process mental health concerns through movement. Our bodies hold our stories and movement can help integrate them. After an appropriate intake and assessment identified concerns, such as nervous energy or mood imbalances, will be addressed through yoga poses, affirmations, meditation, essential oils, and breathwork. Addressing specific needs through this approach can empower participants, help them overcome challenges by remaining present and grounded, and gain independence. complement this process. (max 10)