Be. Dedicated


Be. will provide client-centered mental health and healing services in a unified and safe environment. We recognize diversity and see the whole you. We celebrate uniqueness and inner strength, and work to develop a trusting alliance with clients that will encourage healing on a deep level. We will provide acceptance and support and equip you to harness inner balance by offering an individualized, integrated, and holistic approach to treatment.


Be. aims to make individualized, integrated, and holistic care in a unified and safe environment increasingly accessible and the standard approach to mental health and healing. We desire to reach individuals during vulnerable seasons of life and provide security, instill hope, bolster strengths, foster growth, and empower each unique spirit. We seek to help you share your story, feel heard, experience wholeness, and define your BE.

Be. views collaboration of care as a key element to health and healing. Practitioner collaboration across psychological and alternative/complementary services may be essential to treatment and will be addressed if fitting to presenting individual needs. When a holistic approach to care is employed, awareness, appreciation for, and understanding of the connections between mind, body, spirit are achieved and full body integration and healing occurs.  

Be. Opportunities

Be. is looking for like-minded mental health practitioners who want to plant new roots, expand horizons, and to share vision and space! Any traditional mental health therapists or complementary/alternative service practitioners that are interested in learning more about sharing space at Be. please CLICK HERE  or email be@beholisticcenter.com.

Desire to collaborate with Be. for a Gathering?

Be. is eager to hear your ideas on how we can best collaborate to provide offerings to the community that helps individual Be. Educated, Be. Informed, Be. Healed, Be. Healthy, Be. Collective, Be. United, Be. Empowered, Be. Fulfilled, Be. Mind | Body | Spirit, and any other Be. you feel is valuable!

If you are a practitioner and would like to explore bringing your offering to Be. please contact Carey Sorenson to obtain information about and start exploring the collaboration process | beholisticcenterinfo@gmail.com

Be. would like to graciously thank Kari Witthuhn-Henning and Angelina Gallmeier for capturing its space, giving it form, essence, and life!

I’m so excited for the wraparound approach that Be. provides-including both holistic and traditional services to the client-wow! Working as a MSW in Milwaukee and the San Francisco Bay Area for 4 years-I have never come across a provider that encompasses everything that Be. does!!!